Private Dog Park

Dog Park Rules

  • The Dog Park is available to THE GLEN at Shawmont Station RESIDENTS only.
  • The Dog Park operating hours are from dawn to dusk, weather conditions permitting.
  • All residents MUST REGISTER their dog with the Management Office to use the Dog Park. You may only register dogs that YOU own and have listed on your Residential Lease and Pet Rider. You must present a current county license and immunization record to be granted use of the Dog Park. Any resident fraudulently using or allowing non-residents access into the Dog Park is subject to immediate termination of Dog Park privileges.
  • Owners/handlers are legally and financially responsible for any injuries caused by their dog and uses The Glen at Shawmont Station Dog Park at their OWN RISK.
  • Dogs MUST be kept on a leash while outside the fenced dog park area. Do not have your dog unleashed between your apartment and the gated entrance.
  • Dogs must wear a collar or harness at all times, INCLUDING inside the Dog Park.
  • Dog owners must have leash in hand at all times and in the event of any problems, they should be able to leash their dog quickly and remove their dog from the Dog Park IMMEDIATELY.
  • Do not open the exterior gate entrance while the interior gate is open. You MUST close each gate.
  • Dog owners are to remain in the Dog Park and keep their dog in view at all times. No dogs are to be left unattended, under ANY circumstances. If you cannot remain with your dog, don’t bring your dog.
  • Aggressive dogs are not permitted in the Dog Park. Any dog showing aggression towards people or other dogs must be removed from the Dog Park IMMEDIATELY.
  • Dogs over 10 months of age must be spayed or neutered to use the Dog Park.
  • No sick dogs or those with fleas, ticks, worms or other parasites are permitted. Disease can spread rapidly and jeopardizes the health of all dogs.
  • For safety reasons, puppies under 4 months are not permitted because they are not sufficiently immunized.
  • All owners MUST CLEAN UP AFTER THEIR DOG! Please pick up feces and dispose of properly. Bags and receptacles are provided by THE GLEN at Shawmont Station.
  • Only 1 dog per owner recommended, as to assure proper control of all situations. No visiting dogs are permitted, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Children under 12 are not permitted in the Dog Park. Children between 12 and 16 must be accompanied with an adult while in the Dog Park.
  • No food, pet or human, or treats are permitted in the Dog Park.
  • No alcohol, smoking or glass containers permitted in the Dog Park.
  • Owners must stop dogs from digging and immediately fill holes. Excessive barking is prohibited. Dogs barking constantly or uncontrollably must be removed from the Dog Park immediately.
  • THE GLEN at Shawmont Station Dog Park is for dogs and their owners. No other use is allowed.
  • Professional dog trainers and/or groomers are not permitted to conduct business at the Dog Park.

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